Attention Class of 2013!

July 7th, 2009

If you are the typical incoming OSU student, you’ve probably already had a whirlwind summer! Between high school graduation, START, your internship/summer job, hanging out with friends and purchasing decor for your residence hall room…You probably haven’t thought much about some of the nuts and bolts things you need to do to finish up the admission process.

WAIT! You say…I have more to do with admissions!? Yup, you probably have a couple of outstanding requirements. Don’t panic though, The Admissions Blog is here to help!

If you are an incoming first year student you need to:

Send us your final high school transcript (order it from your school).
If you haven’t already, send us your SAT or ACT scores.
AND any IB/AP scores that you wish expect to receive credit from.
Order transcripts from any community colleges that you have credit from.

If you are an incoming transfer student you need to:

Have your final college transcripts sent to OSU.
Get any other documents that the Office of Admissions asked for to us.

Whether you are a first year OR transfer student, if you haven’t signed up for one of the few remaining START programs…You need to register ASAP! If you don’t register for start you won’t have a class schedule until CONNECT Week.

Got questions? Put ’em in the comments section. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your summer. We can’t wait to see you this fall!

Go Beavers!

4 responses to “Attention Class of 2013!”

  1. cdawson says:

    That is great information. My son is about to attend and you know how us parents get to see our children “leave the nest” – so of course i’m looking into everything to ensure he’s good to go while he hangs out with his friends until “go time.” Thanks a million…


  2. It’s always good to know you have someone (or something) to turn to in case you need anything. This blog is what it’s all about for new student of OSU.

  3. Ehlert says:

    which is better? SAT or ACT scores? how do you determine which one to submit? Can you submit both?

  4. James says:


    OSU treats the SAT and the ACT equally, send whichever you prefer (or both).


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