Vose Elementary School Students Provide Scholarship

May 18th, 2009

Check out this touching story from today’s Oregonian.
Vose Elementary School College Scholarship
Photo by Faith Cathcart/Oregonian

Vose second graders Abigail Figueroa, from left, Helen Caldillo, Tyler Rench, front, Sergio Correa and Carlos Padilla wear matching Oregon State shirts to their school’s annual college awareness assembly. Vose Elementary students, many of whom are low income, began raising money last year to give a $1000 college scholarship to a graduating senior who had attended Vose. When the public caught wind of their kindness, they were able to offer two scholarships.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients Eurie Hwang and Anthony Amsberry. Amsberry is planning to attend Oregon State University.

To the students, staff and supporters of Vose Elementary: These scholarships have helped two students go to college. Through your own personal goals, leadership roles, adversity, community service, systemic challenges and creativity, your kindness, generosity, hard work, and determination have shined through. These are important lessons in life that take many people a lifetime to acheive and we applaud you in doing so at such a young age. Keep up the great work and thank you for being a shining example to us all.

***Vose Elementary School plans to continue its scholarship program annually. For more information or to donate, call teacher Karen Harger at 503-672-3590.***


6 responses to “Vose Elementary School Students Provide Scholarship”

  1. IWEBIX Tom says:

    How good to know about people still giving scholarships to young talented people..

  2. That is great, I am excited to see people giving back to the community!

  3. peppa pig says:

    I hope one day my son can get a Scholarship. Good stuff 🙂

  4. Good idea! Thanks for sharing

  5. Great , gladd to see that they helped people out.

  6. mary says:

    this is a good step, if this noble steps spread to more places more ppl can get education and can benefit to more and more people.

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