Rodgers Brothers to Keynote Kaleidoscope

April 16th, 2009

James and Jacquizz Rodgers are scheduled to open the annual Kaleidoscope of Colleges and Cultures (KCC) on Saturday, April 18th with a keynote address.

Rodgers duo to discuss what college has done for them

Rodgers duo to discuss what college has done for them

KCC is an annual event designed to assist students, especially those in underrepresented groups including first-generation and low-income, to better understand what college, college academics and the college search process is all about. KCC aims for students to seriously consider college as an option after high school, regardless of where they may choose to attend. Carl Thomas, associate director of admissions for campus visits and programs, sees the altruistic nature of the program,

“We are about promoting higher education. If they come to OSU, great. If they attend a different school, great. We have achieved our goal.”

Thanks to Paul Buker, Oregonian beat writer for noticing.

Finally, the brothers Rodgers, who haven’t been around that long but are already achieving legendary status in these parts, are scheduled to be keynote speakers Saturday at OSU’s annual “Kaleidoscope of Colleges and Cultures” program that celebrates the academic and cultural atmosphere at the school. … James and little brother Quizz are true multi-taskers.


7 responses to “Rodgers Brothers to Keynote Kaleidoscope”

  1. koby says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Rodgers brothers beat up on USC. Last year’s season was one to remember. Thanks for the great season guys.

  2. David Works says:

    Yes, Thanks for the great season. Rodgers brothers rule! I don’t think USC will ever forget you.

  3. […] cultural resource centers, student organizations and more. Students were able to hear OSU students and Beaver Football players James and Jacquizz Rodgers talk about their college experience and why they felt everyone should […]

  4. KCC is a good project look like a nice hopefully be useful to all students.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice video I really need to get back to OSU it has been too long. My son is interested in Lean Manufacturing and not sure if OSU has any programs but this is the future of manufacturing. GO beavers.

  6. KCC is a really nice program that helped a couple people I know go Orange!

  7. Caution Tape says:

    Love the video and the program

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