What’s Your Favorite Thing About OSU?

March 12th, 2009

A lot can happen when you give current OSU student Kourtney Goya a video camera and tell her “go shoot some stuff.” The Office of Admissions did just that, allowing her to ask some people around campus about their favorite thing about OSU. Take a look at Kourtney’s blog posting and watch her video to see some current students, faculty and staff members letting us know the things they love about OSU. Thanks for the report, Kourtney! –mko

Hi! My name is Kourtney Goya and I am one of the TOUR Coordinators in the Office of Admissions. I am currently a senior majoring in History and also working on a French minor. You may remember me from a previous blog post last year about the annual Hui O Hawaii Lu’au (which is on April 25th this year so mark your calendars!).

Last Friday I walked around campus asking students, faculty, and staff about their favorite thing at Oregon State University. There was a variety of answers and I hope you enjoy watching the video!


29 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Thing About OSU?”

  1. Kimi says:

    i think the admission blog is my favourite

  2. Tom Green says:

    Video is awesome, my favoirite thing is this blog 🙂 Cheers

  3. Long Tail says:

    This is a great resource for students thinking of attending OSU, like my daughter.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Tom Sway says:

    What an awesome video. I love it! (:

  5. Jeims Wadson says:

    Interesting girl Kourtney Goya. Good video.

  6. nice job Kourtney, this is great. Keep it up.

  7. sesso says:

    Very sympathetic research. As a student, my favorite thing about OSU is the beautiful library that I can find which book I want, the campus environment and relax athmosphere.

  8. Really this blog is my fav thing of OSU. Very informative the video. Go beavers go.

  9. ipod parts says:

    My favorite thing about OSU is the friendly faces. Everyone seems happy to be here and I find it to be contagious.

  10. I loved watching the video, the people on the video look nice, it must be awesome being students in OSU.

  11. My best thing about OSU is the campus. Without a doubt, it’s a big plus to have such beautiful scenery to enjoy while leaned up under a tree with a book in my lap. I sometimes find myself taking too many breaks, however, while enjoying the great sights this University has to offer.

  12. I am dreaming someday I’ll join OSU…lolz

  13. I just want to know OSU is accepting international student ?

  14. josh says:

    Its nearly everyones dreaming to join OSU i wish i was there as i am not in usa

  15. yes, Josh you are right

  16. There are some great students there who I’ve tutored in the past. It’s always the students who make the university what it is.

  17. hope someday I’ll be in this university…

  18. elottery says:

    The canteen food 🙂

  19. Mike says:

    I attended OSU years ago and really it was a great experience I am thinking about coming back to visit as I now have kid that is interested in attending he would like to study business he is interested in the Lean or part of manufacturing and business. Bottom line everyone at OSU was great.

  20. Kanban says:

    Really OSU can be a great place after 5.5 years of OSU I was ready for more it is a great place and I loved the town I know that most don’t but Corvallis is great.

  21. 5S Video says:

    Great Video love the fact that OSU is so beautiful of a campus

  22. durastripe says:

    The Hawaiian food was the best

  23. The Beautiful campus

  24. John Hicks says:

    Both of my kids will (hopefully) be OSU Alumni. I was in the business program and loved every minute of it!

  25. I love it video thank

  26. Great and nice about OSU,interesting and informative article,Thanks for this blog.

  27. Noel says:

    This video is great. So many nice things about OSU.

  28. […] have previously written for the Admissions Blog as an undergraduate student.  I have made a short video asking the OSU Community what their favorite thing about the university was, as well as highlighted […]

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