Cielo Vista Elementary: Future Beaver All Stars!

February 24th, 2009

Students at Cielo Vista Elementary are getting ready for college and it’s never too early start! I thought I would share some photos that were passed along my way from Jennifer Geyer at CVE who have taken “College Colors Fridays” to a whole new level. Special thanks and a job well done goes out to Ellen Ford in OSU’s Precollege Programs office. Thanks Ellen!

To the students at Cielo Vista Elementary,

As you know, our school mascot is the beaver which is an animal that is innovative, hard-working, and adaptable. From the dams that they build to the creativity that they show, beavers are intriguing creatures, aren’t they?

We are proud that you are showing your spirit for Beaver Nation and sporting your orange and black! You are all deserving of the Benny Beaver award and we hope that you strive for it week by week and year by year. Before you know it, you’ll be college bound and it’s important that you follow the characteristics of being respectful, responsible, trustworthy, fair, caring and an overall good citizen, to set yourself up on the right path. Study hard, dream big and Go Beavers!


Oregon State University

Here’s a copy of the letter that was sent to Ellen:

I did want you to see our “little beavers” all dressed up and know how much we appreciate your support for our class. Each Friday is University day so we all show our spirit in our OSU shirts. We also work hard to earn a special “Benny Beaver” award. To earn Benny’s award each week the students must prove they are a kid of character. They must be respectful, responsible, trustworthy, fair, caring and an overall good citizen. Our students are growing up to be students you would be proud to have at OSU.

The prospect of getting to become a student at OSU has been a great motivation for everyone in my class. Both academically and socially they are working hard for their university. The parents are amazed at how much their children are interested in Oregon State. If there is a game on t.v. they are asking to watch it! If there is a story on the news or in the paper, they are bringing it in to share it. It is truly amazing to see the spirit of these youngsters for your university.

Thank you so much for making all of this possible. You have blessed these students and myself beyond imagination.

Jennifer Geyer
Cielo Vista Elementary


One response to “Cielo Vista Elementary: Future Beaver All Stars!”

  1. Monkey Joe says:

    That is great, education is an extremely important and needs to by our main focus in America. Educate our children properly and innovation and success will take care of itself in our free society.

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