A Letter to Tom Brokaw

January 20th, 2009

Dear Mr. Brokaw,

My inbox blew up earlier this morning. Emails poured in from counselors and students who I work with regarding an obvious error on the morning of the presidential inauguration. One counselor wrote, “Tom Brokaw is dumb! (that was the subject line) I’m a bit miffed with his remark about Michelle Obama’s brother wearing Princeton colors on his scarf during the inauguration today!” Another email I received stated, “I also wanted to email you about Coach Robinson wearing Oregon State colors on the inaugural balcony today. The announcer (that would be you, Mr. Brokaw) I was listening to said they were Princeton colors, but we know better!”

Now don’t shoot the messenger. I love your show, The Situation Room. I’m a huge fan and always will be. And that thing you do with the electoral map, you know, the one that I think you call the ‘magic wall’ where you touch the screen and zoom in and get all the votes and percentages by county — awesome! But the fact that you would so carelessly whip out such flawed commentary makes you sound like John Madden during Monday Night Football Game.

Bad news reporting, Brokaw! Get your facts straight!


10 responses to “A Letter to Tom Brokaw”

  1. Sara says:

    He corrected himself and apologized later in the broadcast to all Oregon state people for the error. On the same note be he also misidentifyed CR earlier on the broadcast….

  2. Matt says:

    Can anyone find a photo or youtube footage of CR in his scarf? What about Brokaw’s blooper?

  3. Diane says:

    Oregon State University not Princeton colors!
    Charlie Gibson also said the same coment on ABC, Good Morning America. He corrected himself about a 1/2 an hour later when they got e-mails from a lot of OSU people. He said that it was Princeton colors to him and it could be Oregon State to us.

  4. Blake says:

    Smacks of east coast bias! Ivy League snobbery! Commentators who don’t know where Oregon is on a map!

    Thanks for tracking this hot story down, MKO! Champion of Oregon State University!


  5. James Miller says:

    Haha! Great work, MKO!!

  6. […] Apology accepted, B-Dub. Still waiting for you, Mr. Brokaw. […]

  7. Jay says:

    That is unbelievable. I OSU gets confused once again for New Jersey!

  8. Ziare says:

    Funny.. but what’s the big fuss about it?

  9. Rlssm kenn says:

    Umm, Good work buddy. I like it

  10. Corina says:

    Hmmm…he should really know better!

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