OSU Hopes to Partner with Nissan for Electric, Hybrid Cars

January 13th, 2009

We all know Oregon State University has been a statewide leader in going green (the environmental movement, not the school colors, folks). The Orange and Black has furthered it’s leadership in the movement as it becomes “poised to take a larger role in emerging electric car technology at a time when Nissan North America has announced a major zero-emission vehicle partnership with the state of Oregon.” You can read the complete article from the Oregon Natural Resource Report here.

Check out this youtube clip of Justin Fleming, manager of the university’s motor pool, discussing electric cars:


3 responses to “OSU Hopes to Partner with Nissan for Electric, Hybrid Cars”

  1. Lancer Evo says:

    Hybrid Car,nice but new.
    People these days are so sophisticated and they rely so heavily on fossil energy.

  2. James Peters says:

    Manufacturers must still be making a lose until they get more popular & it still must be difficult to justify purchasing a hybrid for economic reasons alone but then again that shouldn’t be the only reason.

    Until then the best alternative to hybrid-powered vehicles is…a bike.

  3. daniel watkins says:

    Just go straight electric, hybrids are a good step however.

    Even a new Direct Injection gas car is less than 25% efficient. An electric car is greater than 80% efficient.

    Are there any spots on the OSU campus in which electric cars can park and recharge?
    I’m sure there will be many in the future, but are there any right now?


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