OSU’s official Facebook page

December 14th, 2008

Oregon State University has launched its official Facebook fan page. Our goal is 500 fans by Jan 2009. We’re hoping you’ll become a fan!


7 responses to “OSU’s official Facebook page”

  1. zara says:

    awesome thanks, i could find you

  2. host says:

    Nice move,500 members seem to be a modest ask,you guys have all ready crossed the 500 Mark and now looking to go past 600.
    and oh! I became a Member!

  3. france guide says:

    Good reason for me to finally join it. I an quite a conservative. I still do not have a facebook page.

  4. R Hannon says:

    Oregon State University Facebook page is good as almost many links of the University are in One Place

  5. vacation says:

    this is a good news. surely, i will become a member.

  6. Adding them on my Facebook right now!

  7. Plasma Queen says:

    Joined since six months ago!

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