Welcome to Beaver Nation, Governor Kulongoski!

November 25th, 2008

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com

Well folks, it’s Civil War week! There is a ton of good will around the country directed towards the Beavers. Our guys and their run to Rose Bowl has garnered a good bit of attention. Governor Kulongoski who attended University of Missouri has declared his allegiances:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski tipped his hand today on which team he wants to win Saturday’s “Civil War” football game between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers.
Color him black and orange.
“The Ducks won’t go to the Rose Bowl if they win,” the governor said. “I want the Beavers to go to the Rose Bowl.”
Kulongoski, a graduate of the University of Missouri, typically stays as neutral as possible in public on cross-state rivalries. Not this time.
“I’m all for the Roses,” Kulongoski said.

The Civil War is a special time in Oregon. We only have one pro team (the Trailblazers) in the state so the Division I college teams are the focus of a lot of attention. Everyone in Oregon, even those who didn’t attend OSU or UO, has an allegiance of some sort…Even the Governor.

We’ll try and check in later with some Civil War fun!

(note: the presence of roses in this post in no way is intended as a guarantee or any other offense that would result in the jinxing of my beloved Beavers. They are merely representative of the Governor’s desire to see the Beavers in the Rose Bowl…So, if the Beavers lose this Saturday, blame the governor)


One response to “Welcome to Beaver Nation, Governor Kulongoski!”

  1. OrygunDux says:

    Ooops. Sorry Teddy.

    Ducks win.

    Beavers lose. Lose big.

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