The Ghosts of OSU

October 31st, 2008

Photo by Andy Cripe, Corvallis Gazette Times

Cool little blurb from the GT this morning. University Archives hosted a Haunting for History tour on campus recently. The purpose was to explore the ghosts and ghost/haunting stories on the OSU campus.

Elizabeth Thomas works in Waldo Hall, and people have told her they’ve seen a woman “disappear” in a second story hallway of the Oregon State University building.

The primary suspect in the vanishing act is Ida Kidder, the school’s first librarian.

She’s been dead since 1920.

“People weren’t creeped out or anything. They thought she was a friendly presence,” Thomas said.

OSU is a very old campus with some very old buildings on it. There is no way that a campus this old wouldn’t have some ghost stories. In my years as a student and working in the Office of Admissions I can’t say I’ve ever seen Ida Kidder or any other apparition. However, I did live in Sackett Hall as an undergrad…All I’ll say is that strange things happen at Sackett Hall…

But others, such as those at Sackett Hall, were more gruesome. Legend has it that Ted Bundy killed a woman in the catacombs below the dormitory, said Tiah Edmunson-Morton, a university archivist.

There’s also a ghost said to have been accidentally killed in her room at Sackett by a drunken man in the 1950s. ‘Brandy’ often shows up as spectral lights, or a little girl sitting on the end of beds. She reportedly likes to set fires and throw things.

Happy Halloween!


6 responses to “The Ghosts of OSU”

  1. Marsh says:

    There’s two new features related to the OSU haunting legends posted on the Outcast Earth website at and Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Ghosts says:

    Wow, amazing story, OSU seems like place that has some gruesome history that could translate into hauntings. Maybe some day I’ll get to check it out.

  3. richgirl87 says:

    im doing a report on the catacombs of osu and i would love to here more info about them any one have any websites i could check out

  4. shayella says:

    i dont believe in ghost they are so freaky

  5. ramla says:

    i love ghost im not scared of anything

  6. John says:

    I have seen the ghost of Brandy.
    She will appear as a whirling red, green, black and brown
    dust cloud whirling very fast. Stay clear because within
    the cloud of whirling dust are swinging fists of rage that
    are separated by about a foot or two as they swirl about in
    the mass of energy.

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