September 27th, 2008

From the South Lobby, fourth floor, Washington Convention Center:

Greetings from Seattle, dear readers! I know it has been a long stretch since I last posted but I have been running around like crazy at the National Association of College Admissions Counseling Nat. Conference this week. The whole staff is up here and we’ve been learning a lot.

More importantly, though…How exciting was that victory over USC on Thursday!!!! We all watched the game together at Fox Sports Grill in Seattle (special thanks to our hosts: Youniversity.tv). We screamed our heads off for the Beavers. Eventually we were leading the whole place, representatives from all over the nation, in first down celebrations, OSU chants and the fight song. I had more than one person who was there with us say that they loved how into the game we were. I just told them: “imagine how it is in Corvallis!”

People at the conference have been congratulating us on the big win and everyone here is so excited. Special props to the USC Admissions Team who came over to our spot after the game to congratulate us, very classy! Fight on the rest of the year SC!!

Anyhow, as the Beavers locked the game up we all stood there screaming, some of us with tears in our eyes (we love our Beavs!) wishing we could have been there. But alas, that’s the life of a road warrior…Never there.

Hopefully I’ll check in again soon! Hope all is well out there.


One response to “GO BEAVS!”

  1. Super Mario says:

    Congrats on your victory

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