OSU Unveils New Interactive Campus Map: Experience OSU 360

September 18th, 2008

A workgroup made up of folks from Central Web Services, University Housing and Dining, Enrollment Management, the TOUR office and Admissions have developed a serious upgrade to the campus map.

Some of the newer features include 360-degree shots at different campus locations, static campus pictures, and descriptions of buildings and programs within them.

Experience OSU 360! More enhancements and expansion of the interactive, 360 degree tour areas are planned for the near future.

-bv & dc

2 responses to “OSU Unveils New Interactive Campus Map: Experience OSU 360”

  1. Melissa says:

    This is really neat, I remember 8 years ago working with an application called IPIX to create virtual tours on my friend’s web page. Yours is much clearer and loads a lot faster. I just love virtual tours, it is almost like being there! You would think there would be more of them since they are so cool, it is probably all the work involved in creating them. OSU campus looks very pretty, by the way. I just love the Valley Library entrance.

  2. vgps says:

    Do you have the campus map data in vector format?

    If you have I would like to make your school campus map available in cell phone for your student to use for free.

    Please contact me and mention you are from OSU University.


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