Photos of OSU Head Basketball Coach Craig Robinson at DNC

August 25th, 2008

UPDATE: Video footage of Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, and giving a “Go Beavers” shout-out.

Here’s some photos of OSU Head Basketball Coach Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver. Check out that Beaver-Orange tie! Good call, Coach! Check out the video clip of Michele’s shout to the Beavers on The View (BV’s favorite show). 🙂

UPDATE: Video footage of Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, and giving a “Go Beavers” shout-out.


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14 responses to “Photos of OSU Head Basketball Coach Craig Robinson at DNC”

  1. […] I posted some photos of OSU Men’s Basketball Coach Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, at …, I caught a replay of his introduction on cable and he gave a shout-out to Beaver Nation! Be sure […]

  2. James says:

    I forgot how much BV loves The View! We should see if we can get him tickets to a live taping of the show.

  3. Mark Cabbiness says:


    Could you direct me to how I can contact Coach Robinson via e-mail?

    Thank You,


  4. Matt says:

    @ Mark: The best way to reach a coach or representative from the athletics department is through Because of the nature of their work, travel schedule, and NCAA regulations (for basketball) and State of Oregon employee policies (for political) they may or may not be able to respond to you depending on the purpose of your email.

  5. Bobby Ewards says:

    Hello Coach Craig Robinson,
    I’m Bobby Edwards, a 57 year old car salesman who is a single parent and was set back terribly by a bout with Cancer and a tumbling economy, which led to my relying on an old hobby that I laid aside 20 Yrs ago with Portrait Art.
    I can only imagine how much you’ve been inumdated with mail, calls and more mail & calls. Please visit this website: Look at the portraits I did of Pres. Elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and let me know if you or Michelle and Barack will think enough of them to promote them or some how help me to benifit in a way that I can somehow avoid aother set back.
    When you get to the WebSite, just type in the Search Bar; “ReekWest”. and let me know what you think. The two most popular ones are titled “The King’s Blessing” and “Making a Point”.
    I would sincerely appreciate any assistance you can offer.


  6. Tim Clark says:

    -Post deleted-

  7. James says:

    Tim Clark:

    I didn’t approve the comment you left yesterday on this post. You used a derogatory term that we won’t allow you to use on this blog. We have no problem with you posting your opinion but please try and keep it civil.


  8. It must be great for the program to have a public figure like that coaching. Certainly cannot hurt recruiting.

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  10. Carolyn Cassidy says:

    I enjoyed reading your book, but the grammar was a deterent. I am guessing your mother does not say “me and Craig” Your editors did not do you a favor by letting you get by with repeatedly referring to yourself first before the other person mentioned. Mostly, shame on you. You know better and it seems to me the book was about “being all you can be… working at doing your best…building character”. I am sure using this grammar is not your best and in my opinion, therefore diminishes your character.

    While I am talking about being the best, I do agree the nation has chosen a great first lady and president.

    Good luck in your 2010-2011 basketball season. Having read this book I will be looking for stats etc. regarding your team.

    Thanks for taking time to read this little admonishment.

    Carolyn Cassidy

  11. James says:

    Thanks for your comment, Carolyn!

    As we have mentioned before, Coach Robinson doesn’t post to or read (although we would be thrilled beyond belief if he did) the Admissions Blog. Addressing comments directly to Coach Rob is a pointless exercise as he will never see them.

    We do appreciate you reading AND contributing, though! Please keep doing both.


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  13. JohnPasker says:

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