OSU Construction Zone…Ahem…Campus

August 15th, 2008

Happy Friday, Dear Readers!

If you have been on campus recently, you have probably noticed some big changes. Everywhere you look, there are buildings being renovated, streets being torn up and concrete being poured.

Thanks to kightp for the photo!

Besides posing a GIGANTIC obstacle for MKO and I on the way to grab coffee at Java II every morning…The construction is also blocking off the major access street to Kerr Admin Building and the OSU Visitor Center.

There is an alternate way to get to the Kerr Admin Bldg. If you are coming from I-5 North or South you will proceed as normal down Hwy 34 but instead of heading over the Willamette Bridge into downtown Corvallis, you will take a left on the Corvallis-Newport Hwy/OR 34 Bypass. Continue on for 1.3 miles then take a right on 15th which will lead you to the Kerr Building. Here’s a map if you are visual learner:

I-5 N or S (Portland/Salem/Eugene)

Coming from the North on 99W, instead of proceeding down Jefferson from 4th (which is what 99W will become in Corvallis) Just proceed down 4th to Washington, take a right and you are there. Mappage:

99W from the North

If you are coming from the South on 99W, your process hasn’t changed but here’s a map anyway!

99W from the South

Let us know if you have any questions about getting to the OSU campus!


6 responses to “OSU Construction Zone…Ahem…Campus”

  1. […] may have read JM’s posting on how OSU is currently a construction zone. This morning, that progressed into a fire hazard as people were forced to evacuate Kerr […]

  2. Bali Villas says:

    My Campus at Bukit Jimbaran, Bali are renovated too. And hope it will give us the best

  3. Nice information thanks for sharing

  4. Tezme says:

    wow..looks like a lot of construction going on..hopefully the new look will be mind blowing.

  5. save energy says:

    good information. Highly appreciated for sharing the GMaps- They are very useful. Thanks so much.

  6. Ha ha! Did they do this in term time?! I remember our school only ever doing renovations during term time… it was carnage!

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