OSU Hoops Coach, Craig Robinson, to Speak at DNC

August 13th, 2008

UPDATE: Video footage of Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, and giving a “Go Beavers” shout-out.

Exciting news off the AP Wire this morning! OSU Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Craig Robinson, will introduce his sister, Michelle Obama, at the Democratic National Convention on August 25th.

DENVER (AP) ― Michelle Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be the featured first-night speakers at the Democratic National Convention, which also will include a videotaped message from Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Michelle Obama will be introduced by her brother, Craig Robinson, a former basketball star at Princeton and now coach at Oregon State, and her sister-in-law, Maya Soetoro-Ng, at the Pepsi Center on Aug. 25.

It’s a great day to be a Beaver!

UPDATE: Video footage of Craig Robinson introducing his sister, Michele Obama, and giving a “Go Beavers” shout-out.


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12 responses to “OSU Hoops Coach, Craig Robinson, to Speak at DNC”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Your speech was good, but Michelle’s speech was awesome! She made me cry!

  2. Iris Formey Dawson says:

    Craig not only made his Beaver colleagues and students proud, but his Tiger associates are ROARING because of how he and Michelle shined last night!

    Iris Formey Dawson, Princeton ’80

  3. Jim- OSU 74 says:

    Call me a woos, but Michelle made me tear up! What a great american story from South Chicago to Harvard and maybe to the White House. Craig did a great job and I loved his “shout out” to Beaver nation on all three national networks, wearing his orange tie. If anyone can turn the Beaver basketball team around, it should be him. Good choice by the AD to hire Craig! Go Beav’s.

  4. Stacie says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Robinson raised some movers and shakers in Craig and Michelle. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Robinson. Michelle made me cry.

  5. Donetta says:

    Beautiful introduction speech! It was nice to witness Craig’s heartfelt admiration for Michelle’s strength and success, as his little sister. I’m sure she gleaned many good qualities from you as her big brother. Both of your hard work and accomplishments deserves to be recognized and therefore I celebrate you.

    May God smile on Sen. Barack Obama on Nov. 4th as I too will be celebrating my birthday that day.

    FYI ~ almost accepted a basketball scholarship to OSU in 1981. Still got game!

    Biola University

  6. Bonjour de LORIENT FRANCE
    Je viens de découvrir un article de presse expliquant le lien de parenté de Craig avec Madame Obama. Craig ayant passé quelques saisons de basket professionnel à Lorient en Bretagne (CEP)et l’ayant très bien connue : souvenirs de matchs endiablés au parc de KERVARIC à Lorient, souvenirs de chaleureuses soirées passées ensemble etc… J’aimerais tout particulièrement et personellement féliciter Craig , sa soeur Michelle Obama et surtout le nouveau Président des ETATS UNIS.
    En espérant que ce message soit lu par Graig.
    Merci et très cordialement.

    Madame BASTIDE Nicole
    La petite bretonne ” NICKY”
    heureuse pour l’ avenir des Etats




  7. Matt says:

    @ Nicky: Not sure what your saying here but thanks for the comment. Would anyone happen to know the translation in English.

  8. It was a joy watching you coach your team last year and wanted to invite you (Coach Robinson) to speak at a Jr. College banquet in Dallas. My alternate e-mail is rxo6460@dcccd.edu
    My telephone number is 214-236-4947.
    Thanks in advance. ro

  9. stephane simon says:

    The text in French above is from a woman in Lorient, France who believes this is the Craig Robinson who played for our team back in the 80’s.

    A Newspaper article was published back in Lorient to say that this is the same Craig Robinson, but I don’t think it is (maybe you can help here)

    Our Craig Robinson played for Virginia back in the days with Ralph Sampson and has been playing ball all over Europe in the 90’s too.

    Your Craig Robinson, Michelle’s brother, played at Princeton I believe and worked at Morgan Stanley before going back to coaching.

    If that’s right , it’s a diiferent one but everybody’s excited back home in Lorient.
    Craig Robinson, the player, was a gentleman too and very appreciated there.

    Take care,


  10. Matt says:

    @ Stephane: Thanks for the translation!

  11. James says:

    @ Mark: The best way to reach a coach or representative from the athletics department is through osubeavers.com. Because of the nature of their work, travel schedule, and NCAA regulations (for basketball) and State of Oregon employee policies (for political) they may or may not be able to respond to you depending on the purpose of your email.

  12. Nicky says:

    Merci James pour l’information.En ce qui concerne Craig Robinson, il a bien joué à Lorient en France en 1986. 1987. Cordialement.


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