New International Student Initiative Being Launched at OSU

July 28th, 2008

I received a press release today about a new initiative that is being launched at OSU and is aimed to increase international student enrollment. OSU will become the first university in the United States to partner with INTO University Partnerships, which has worked with institutions in the United Kingdom to increase their international student enrollment. The initiative will recruit international students into a one-year “pathway� program that university officials estimate will enroll 500 to 650 participants annually within five years.

Sabah Randhawa, OSU provost and executive vice president, stated “Like many universities around the country, our international student enrollment has declined because of visa and immigration issues. The scarcity of state revenues has precluded us from being able to successfully recruit international students to rebuild our international student population, particularly at the undergraduate level.

“This partnership with INTO will help us diversify our student body and enhance the experience for our other students on campus,� Randhawa said.

OSU estimates that 60 to 70 percent of the students enrolled in the pathway program will continue on at OSU as degree-seeking undergraduate students. I’ve heard that a lot of new buildings will begin construction soon and will consist of a new teaching/residential center that will include a residence hall with classrooms and laboratory spaces. A new facility, scheduled for completion in January of 2011, will be located adjacent to Halsell Hall and Bloss Hall on campus.

Recruiting international students is becoming a top priority for OSU and for many universities in the United States and elsewhere. INTO University Partnerships has developed a model that gives international students a year for transition into the campus environment in a new country, at the same time allowing universities to define their own criteria for student success and directly observe those who go on to apply for admission.

To Randhawa, OSU and the community of Corvallis, the most important factor in the initiative will be the cultural component additional international students bring to the university. “This will enhance the experience for all students at OSU through a learning environment that integrates cultural and global enrichment,� Randhawa added.

More information on the OSU INTO University Partnership program to follow soon. Current information on international student admissions can be found at by visiting the International Student Admissions website.


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