Google Gives OSU Open Source Lab $300K

July 25th, 2008

Earlier today, reps from Oregon State University announced that Google will donate $300,000 to increase its Open Source Lab‘s capacity to support various open source related projects. Here’s an excerpt from the Oregonian with more:

The new funds will support growth and projects at a lab that has hosted some of the world’s largest and most far-reaching open source efforts, including the Mozilla Firefox browser, portions of the One Laptop Per Child project, the Linux Foundation’s main infrastructure, Apache Web Server and the Drupal content management system.

“Open source” is a method and philosophy for software licensing and distribution designed to encourage use and improvement of software created by developers around the world by ensuring that anyone can copy the source code and modify it freely. While some see that as a challenge to commercial software development, others embrace the approach as a catalyst for creativity.

“We’re grateful for Google’s support of the Open Source Lab and are committed to continuing to fulfill the promises of collaboration and innovation that the open source model makes possible,” said Curt Pederson, vice provost for Information Services at OSU and chief information officer for the Oregon University System.

OSU’s Open Source Lab seeks to create an atmosphere of innovation for students, faculty, and staff by providing an open, diverse environment for development and collaboration. As part of its mission, the OSL offers a professional hosting environment to the open source community, as well as software development services to industry. It is preparing to present the fourth-annual Government Open Source Conference this fall, a leading annual event that brings together U.S. and international public agency technology leadership on open source solutions.


10 responses to “Google Gives OSU Open Source Lab $300K”

  1. Edmund says:

    It’s about time. Google beat Microsoft to it.

  2. Buy R4 says:

    Very generous of Google, but why don’t they ever invest something in European universities?

  3. iva says:

    The U.S. e-voting system, which currently is done with proprietary software that we cannot see the source for, so we have no real assurance as to its accuracy or privacy.
    The Open Source is going towards more maturity and with steps like google done it will encourage more research and development so that “Open Source'” can be used in public info related sectors.

  4. Judy says:

    This is a wise move from Google! They are definitely extending their research capabilities and the future of the open platform.

  5. London Tours says:

    This is a really positive thing to read about, good for Google to put money into the Open Source arena.

  6. Jerry says:

    The move is really good from Google. I think if every one in this IT world follows this kind of generosity towards the open source project. Everyone must opt for using open source software instead paid software. I thank google for it.

  7. steve says:

    I think the move from Google is really positive. I just hope people from the industry follow the example of Google and start investing in open source software.

  8. Thats Wonderful about Google.Hey…..any idea about gl=US parameter in a search query?????????????

  9. It’s a nice gesture by Google but they always have an agenda…be interesting to see what they want to get out of this donation…

  10. Rita says:

    Proves my theory that google isn’t all bad, we just don’t get to hear about their good deeds as it is not as newsworthy.

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