OSU Researchers Work to Save Krab

July 16th, 2008

Supplies of Imitation Crab which is also known as Real Imitation Crab, Artificial Crab and my personal favorite: Krab; are currently dwindling due to a shortage of Alaskan Pollock and other highly available white fleshed fish. Krab is made from Surimi, which is a slurry of whitefish such as Alaskan Pollack that is refined for imitation seafood products.

The researchers at the OSU Seafood Research Laboratory are hard at work finding a solution, according to the Daily Astorian:

A shortage of Alaskan pollock and other white-fleshed fish from around the globe has created a supply crisis among manufacturers of surimi, the processed fish protein used to make imitation crab and other shellfish-flavored products.

Jae Park, a professor at Oregon State University’s Seafood Laboratory in Astoria, is working with fellow researchers to find a solution.

Surimi prices have more than doubled in the last two years, according to Park, surimi researcher and consultant to the surimi products industry.

“Fish landings around the world are down, and some seafood processors also are choosing to produce more pollock fillets – especially for the European market – instead of supplying raw material for the manufacture of surimi,” Park said. “This crisis is not going to go away soon. Even if the U.S. pollock situation gets better next year, fish landings of warm-water species in Southeast Asia are down almost 40 percent from five years ago.”

In all seriousness, Krab and other imitation derivatives of Surimi are very important for the food supply because they are great sources of inexpensive protein.

OSU has a huge research and education base in the food sciences: Food Science and Technology, Nutrition, the previously mentioned Seafood Research Laboratory and the OSU Food Innovation Center


6 responses to “OSU Researchers Work to Save Krab”

  1. Rickymarsh says:

    Good Site for students this will help to get more information about studies related problems.

  2. Aren’t they also soy based? Or have a lot of soy in them? I know the oregon coast was hurt dramatically with commercial salmon fishing this year… I wonder if this a sympton of the same problem.

  3. Captain Joe says:

    It’s a sin and a shame what some people call food. Come to New Jersey some time and look me up I’ll show you some real fish!

  4. Nabin says:

    Krab has great test. Real Imitation Crab, Artificial Crab is also my favorite.

  5. Iva says:

    mmm… slurry. if I worked for krab’s marketing department I would be sure to stay away from that word.

  6. Whole Life says:

    I agree, inexpensive protein is important, but in all seriousness, doesn’t this strike anyone else as wrong? Call it what it is.

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