101 Scholarships for Teachers

July 7th, 2008

Great post from the folks over at Teaching Tips.com. They have put together a 101 item list of scholarships that are available to folks who intend to go into teaching.

From the TT101 Blog:

No matter what profession you choose to go into, college can be a big financial burden. Luckily, there are thousands of scholarships out there to help lighten that load and cover at least some of the huge expense of going to college. While there are many general scholarships out there for students who apply, those in the teaching field can have a chance at getting some specialty scholarships as well. Here’s a list of 101 scholarships designed just to help teachers pay their way through college and get some help afterwards.

In case you are looking for a great place to become a teacher, you should check out OSU’s Double Degree Program!

That’s all for now!


4 responses to “101 Scholarships for Teachers”

  1. Jzetter says:

    What a great oppertunity for anyone wanting to get a degree in education. Way to go OSU!!!

  2. Congratulations to the next future teachers. You definitely got the right choice of profession. Many are now hoping to learn and get a degree in teaching/education.

  3. Many students througout the country and specificaly California I finding considerable grants available for teachers… up to 100% of tuition. There is excellent oppportunity out there for anyone who is willing to do the work.

  4. Eddie says:

    Scholarships always help the meritorious students to achieve their goal without having the tension of paying the tuition fee. Not only the students, but also the teachers are also eligible for the scholarships. the post is really helpful for the teachers to find their most coveted scholarship to complete their higher study.

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