Irwin Family of “Crocodile Hunter” at OSU on Wednesday

June 24th, 2008

Update: “Terri Irwin Signs Whale Research Project at Oregon State University”

You may remember my previous blog posting on Terri Irwin, the widow of Steve Irwin, and her family helping with whale research at OSU (“Crocodile Hunter Widow Terri Irwin to Launch Whale Research at OSU”). This week, the Irwin family is expected to be at Oregon State University to announce a donation for two humpback whale research projects for Oregon State’s Marine Mammal Institute that will gather information on the marine mammal species. I read in a report from the Oregonian that ‘research teams will head to Alaska and the American Samoas to study humpback whale breeding, foraging, migration and stock identification.’ Exciting stuff!

Terri Irwin, a Eugene native, and her family are well-known and respected animal wildlife conservationists. A huge thanks goes out to them for their support! Here’s a photo of Terri and her children Bindi and Bob:

Terri Irwin and Family

Be sure to read the previous blog postings on OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute and the marine biology program.


One response to “Irwin Family of “Crocodile Hunter” at OSU on Wednesday”

  1. Host says:

    The Family is truly an Inspiration to others,I’m sure It will be a special Day for the Students to witness the Brave hearts from Australia.
    The Late Steve Irvine was a tremendously influential personality.
    And his Widow Terri showed us that she is a true Fighter after her husbands Demise,this was easily visible due to her Fighting spirit and never say die attitude.
    I’m really sure that the folks at OSU will really take good care of their hospitality during their short Trip there.

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