Meet the Students Behind the Japanese American WWII-era Honoree Degree Ceremony

June 18th, 2008

In an earlier blog post (At Long Last: Japanese American WWII-era OSU Students Receive Honorary Degrees), I promised some footage of current OSU students who played active roles in the Japanese American WWII-era Honorary Degree Ceremony at OSU. I invite you to meet Andy Kiyuna, and Joel Fischer. The impetus for granting the honorary degrees came from these two OSU students. As you’ll learn from the video, both played key roles in pushing the idea for such action into law. (Side note: Joel Fischer was graduating too that day! Congrats, Joel!)

Also, meet Kristen Atebara and Tracie Kobayashi, two juniors at OSU and active members in the Japanese American Student Association (JASA). Kristen, Tracie and other members of JASA assisted in the planning process for the ceremony and helped escort the honorees across the stage.

It is with the hard work of these students and the many other individuals that helped with the ceremony that this was such a huge success!


3 responses to “Meet the Students Behind the Japanese American WWII-era Honoree Degree Ceremony”

  1. yasmine says:

    i want to be a member in this high school

  2. Brice Pemble says:

    Very interesting post

  3. boilx says:

    Great! It is cool to see this.

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