Canadian Students Headed to OSU

June 5th, 2008

I visited the British Columbia area in Canada earlier this spring and had the privilege of visiting several secondary schools as well as holding individual appointments to meet with students and their families.

One such student who I met with was Jonnie Motomochi, a twelfth-year student at Sands Secondary School. Jonnie will be attending OSU on a scholarship and playing for the men’s golf team. Another student from Sands Secondary is Chelsea Buckland, though I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with her. She will be suiting up for the women’s soccer team. I remember Jonnie and his parents telling me how much of a sports-centered community Delta, BC is (where the school is located), and I think that’s a pretty accurate statement! Though ‘Home of the Scorpions’ (the school’s mascot), students at Sands seem to be catching a case of Beaver Fever and going orange and black! Here’s a photo of Jonnie and Chelsea in their beaver gear from The Province:

I also met with Keynan Parker from St. Thomas More Collegiate, who will be attending OSU and signed to play for Mike Riley and the Beaver football team. In an article on in January, Keynan mentions “I committed to Oregon State. I was thinking about taking a couple more trips, explore my options, but I talked it over with my parents and my Mom asked me what else I was looking for in a school besides Oregon State – because I had a great visit there. I couldn’t think of anything. I liked it so much there – the people, the coaches are so supportive and it was a great atmosphere, so I thought why not? It’s the place for me. You just feel welcome down there.”

Here’s a headshot of Keynan:

Welcome to Beaver Nation, Jonnie, Chelsea, and Keynan! If there are any other students from Canada planning to attend OSU this fall or in the future, please comment below!


4 responses to “Canadian Students Headed to OSU”

  1. James says:

    Great post, Matt! BC should be painted Orange & Black by now:)!!

  2. Edmund says:

    It looks like OSU is getting really talented students. They do look to have the potential. Great Job!

  3. Del says:

    OSU rules all the way.

  4. Frank says:

    Visited the men’s golf team of OSU briefly at my last visit to Portland for business. Great team with lots of talent and potential.

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