Admissions Recruit Team: THRILLER!!

May 20th, 2008

At this year’s all Student Affairs Luncheon, the OSU Admissions Recruit Team did its version of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson with Carl doing a solo “Billie Jean” to kick the performance off.

Watch us strut our stuff:

Big kudos to Carl Thomas who played the part of MJ…The rest of the team: Alicia Ortega, Matt Ogawa, Claire Bennett, Alex Beck, Megan Beresford, Liz Campos, yours truly (James Miller) and Danté Holloway…Our resident voice talent.

We had a blast…And, we won top prize!!!!

Go team!!


5 responses to “Admissions Recruit Team: THRILLER!!”

  1. Edmund says:

    Bill Jean rocks man. Definitely deserved the Top Prize. Way to go!

    – Edmund

  2. hypotheek says:

    Very cool movie! And great you’re doing stuff like this at oregon state… I missed my chance for the exchange program this year, but I’ll be watching out for a new possibility.

    So next year no Michael Jackson song for me 😉

  3. mamun says:

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  4. Whereisaron says:

    moon walk, yeah.. long time not see the show.


  5. […] Fact: Devotees may remember that Carl Thomas and other OSU Admissions Staff performed Thriller as part of an on campus student affair…. (They won, […]

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