Craig Robinson Announced as OSU’s next Men’s Hoops Coach

April 7th, 2008

OSU Hoops Head Coach, Craig Robinson

The OSU Admissions Blog is happy to welcome former Brown University coach Craig Robinson to Beaver Nation. Coach Robinson’s press conference at Gill Coliseum just wrapped up. My favorite quote:

“5:30 am happens to be my favorite time of day. So, we practice at 5:30 am. That is, until these guys (OSU B-Ball Team) show they can do they things the way I want them done…Then we’ll start practicing at a time that is more reasonable to them.”

Coach Robinson was Head Coach at Brown for two years. He quickly turned the perennial Ivy League Doormat BU Bears into winners. Coach Brown received his BA in Sociology from Princeton where he was two time Ivy League Player of the Year. He went on the the University of Chicago where he received an MBA in Finance.

Congrats Coach Robinson and GO BEAVS!


9 responses to “Craig Robinson Announced as OSU’s next Men’s Hoops Coach”

  1. Asia'h Epperson says:

    Read the announcement on brown bear site. This guy has a big reputation and hopefully with his magic touch, the future will be promising for BEAVS.

  2. Galwanizernia says:

    Robinson is very nice men 🙂

  3. Eric Stoller says:

    I just hope that the team does things the way he wants them done sooner than later. 5:30am practice times may be a good gimmick and a way to get the team to gel, but it also means that the guys might be extremely sleepy for their classes. I’m all for winning basketball games, but I want to make sure that “student” always comes before “athlete”.

  4. James says:

    That’s a great point, Eric!

    I would assume (and hope) that Coach Robinson having an Ivy League background (as a coach at Brown and an alumnus of Princeton) will mean that he will be emphasizing the education component of the student athlete experience.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Leonard says:

    Come on give me a break.

    You OSU fans no full well, that if every player graduates with a 4.0 and the basketball team doesn’t win a PAC-10 title or make it to an NCAA Tournament within the next 4 years you’ll all be ready to fire this guy.

    JUST WIN COACH. In fact win…then get out of town before they don’t like you anymore

  6. Eric Stoller says:

    I think it would be a phenomenal success story if every member of the Men’s Basketball Team graduated with a 4.0 gpa. I would like to see our players succeed as scholars and as athletes.

    I also feel excited that both of OSU’s head basketball coaches (women’s and men’s) are people of color.

    Go Beavs!

  7. Papayonn says:

    Good to hear a new voice–I wish him well.

  8. DAN MAXIME says:

    I worked with Coach Robinson’s father, “Robby” for 21 years until his sad death in 1971 from M.S.
    He was a man who could have taken a medical disability leave with pay, but chose to show up for work each and every day. He was a real “gamer” and Beaver fans can expect the same work ethic from son Craig.

  9. […] news off the AP Wire this morning! OSU Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Craig Robinson, will introduce his sister, Michelle Obama, at the Democratic National Convention on August […]

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