Southern California fires

November 12th, 2007

As I’m in San Diego at a conference, it’s amazing to see the resilience of the people here. I was in the Gaslamp Quarter last night and people seemed to be doing well (especially after a Chargers win). But unseen are the many people who were devastated by the fires that raged in the area and around Southern California.

Here’s a message from OSU sent last week to those in the affected areas:

It is our sincere hope that you and your family are safe from fires that have engulfed the San Diego area. We send our thoughts and best wishes.

We encourage you to do what is necessary to regain some sense of normalcy for your life. If you were/are planning to apply or enroll at Oregon State University, we will work with you to move forward with this process in any way that we can including flexibility with deadlines and paperwork. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us so that we may assess how to help.

Oregon State University

College Board, administrators of the SAT exam, also have plans in place for those affected by the fires:

The College Board is concerned for students and our members who have been affected by the wildfires in Southern California. With families worried about their futures, we want students to know that educators across the country are aware of the challenging situations they are experiencing.

We feel confident that members of the higher education community will be as flexible as possible regarding admissions timetables, particularly when making Early Decision/Early Action decisions. The SAT Program has taken steps to ensure that we serve these students as well as we possibly can. You can view details at Important Information for Students Affected by the Fires in Southern California.

Contact Us
If you have any questions related to possible repercussions for students, please contact the Western Regional Office or call our Educator Helpline at 888 SAT-HELP (728-4357). You are also welcome to email us at

Jim Montoya
Vice President, Higher Education Relationship Development
The College Board

If you are affected or know those that are, please contact us.

4 responses to “Southern California fires”

  1. J. Algi says:

    As a student of OSU: great, that OSU is helping this way. If someone is affected by the wildfires, he or she needs help from the whole community of studens, teachers and administration-members!


  2. Asia'h Epperson says:

    Wow… great gesture from OSU. I think people should help out those in need, else what is the world becomes?

  3. Asia'h Epperson Fan Site says:

    Thank you all for this help! I’m sure that they will need it again this year with it being so dry out here.

  4. Takt time says:

    I am glad to see all the help that are going this way for the people in need!

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