Aussies think highly of OSU

April 26th, 2007

Found this roaming around…a discussion of price of education in Australia vs. the U.S.:

What of the US? How true is it that “in America you pay about $US100,000 a year”? Completely wrong – and that includes post-graduate as well as undergraduate, and private as well as public universities. For example, an MBA degree at Stanford University – the very sort of degree and institution that we know is very expensive – has a tuition fee of $US38,680, NOT “$US100,000”.

In high-reputation public universities in the US undergraduate tuition fees for local students vary widely – sometimes much less than Australian HECS and sometimes more. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has annual tuition fees of $2170, the State University of New York system $5500, Oregon State University $5500, the University of Arizona $6000, and the University of California at Los Angeles $9000.

Find the entire article here.

One response to “Aussies think highly of OSU”

  1. Edmund Ng says:

    There are definitely a lot of myth out there. Especially amongst the Asian students. Thanks for posting the breakdown. 🙂

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