Benny rocks a MySpace profile

February 12th, 2007

Benny, the beloved mascot of Oregon State University, has jumped into the phenomenon that is social networking. Find him at

Benny welcomes you to Beaver Nation!


9 responses to “Benny rocks a MySpace profile”

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  2. Gerald Mann says:

    Social networking for a mascot. What a great idea! 🙂 I hope their will be more videos from the mascont on Myspace…



  3. I’m an italian user.

    Great idea!

    Beautiful myspace.

  4. Hey, it is good idea to have your mascot on myspace. When artists/singers can have their space, why your mascot can’t!!!

  5. That is absolutely hilarious. Who woulda thunk it. People have myspace profiles for their animals, but I had never seen one for a mascot. I have to admit that is a cool and funny idea.

  6. rete wireless says:

    Very nice page!

    Very Very Funny!

  7. lauren says:

    interesting. i recently saw people doing myspace pages for dead famous singers, and they ‘friended’ other dead famous historical figures. I suppose its an interesting way to ‘bring back’ the dead – or in this case, making our mascot ‘real’.

  8. SMS says:

    Great!!! Very very very nice :). I love Myspace 🙂

  9. ty says:

    osu rocks i live in monterey but they still rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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