Cultural Celebrations at OSU (Winter/Spring 2007)

January 29th, 2007

An impressive and insightful series of cultural events are unfolding at OSU, thanks to the International Students of OSU (ISOSU) and their many “affiliates”. More than a dozen student organizations at OSU that represent a particular culture, country, and sometimes entire continent have joined ISOSU’s over-arching goal to provide international programming on the campus. What’s especially unique about ISOSU, is that while a particular group may be the focus, and therefore, develops the concept and content of its own event, everyone affiliated with ISOSU gets inovolved with the food preparation, decorating, hosting, clean-up and even performances. In other words, there’s ample opportunity for cross-cultural conversations, connections and comparisons that extend well beyond the event itself. ISOSU is by no means restricted to “international students” either. In fact, the only pre-requisites for participating is to have a curiosity about cultures and inquisitiveness about the world.

Indonesia Night (read about it more in the Daily Barometer) held last Saturday, proved to be a beautiful and heart-warming evening. Stay tuned as we share highlights of each celebration taking place this winter and spring.

ISOSU’s Calendar of Events

Jan. 27 (PERMIAS) Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat
Feb. 3 (HMONG) Hmong Minority Opportunity Nationality Group
Feb. 4 (VSA) Vietnamese Student Association
Feb. 17 (ISOSU) International Students of OSU Winter Event
Feb. 18 (CAOSU) Chinese Association of OSU
Mar. 4 (ESA) European Student Association
Apr. 7 (JSA) Japanese Student Association
Apr. 15 (ISA) Indian Student Association
Apr. 15 (ASA) Arab Student Association
Apr. 28 (ALAS) Association of Latin American Students
May 13 (ISOSU) International Students of OSU Spring Event
May 19 (IBP) Isang Bansang Pilipino
Jun. 9 (ASA) African Student Association

Additional ISOSU affiliated organizations include:
(TRSA) Turkish Student Association
(TWSA) Taiwanese Student Association

Check out OSU’s full list of Ethnic/Cultural Student Organizations

And for a dazzling introduction to some of OSU’s student organizations that receive Educational Activities Funds and special leadership training through Student Involvement, take a virtual tour of “Cultural Celebrations” (Flashplayer needed)


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  1. Kabiro Jatta says:

    Invitation to winter/spring cultural celebrations 2007. I do appreciate the OSU administering Blog

  2. Margot says:

    Have to know more about International Students of OSU

  3. Yoko says:

    Apr. 7 (JSA) Japanese Student Association

  4. max-x says:

    Apr. 15 (ASA) Arab Student Association

  5. Good article, i’m gonna search for more posts like this on this web blog!

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