Oregon State opens Marine Mammal Institute

January 23rd, 2007

From OSU News:

Building on the success of its marine mammal research and outreach program, Oregon State University has created a new Marine Mammal Institute, and announced plans to expand its faculty and broaden the scope of its research in ecology and conservation.

The new institute will be a focus of campus fund-raising efforts that would nearly double its endowment of more than $7 million, say officials of the OSU Foundation.

OSU’s research in the study of threatened and endangered whale species has been internationally recognized over the past three decades, primarily through the pioneering studies of Bruce Mate, who directs the institute. Mate was the first scientist to use satellites to track whales, and specialized tags developed at Oregon State by his team have led to new discoveries and a wealth of data on blue, gray, humpback, bowhead, right, fin, sperm and other whale species.

THIS JUST IN: OSU Marine Mammal Institute will be highlighted on “Animal Planet” on Feb 5th.


3 responses to “Oregon State opens Marine Mammal Institute”

  1. Val Andrew says:

    I heard that the the institute has already received a grant of $750,000 from the Joint (petroleum) Industry Program, Office of Naval Research and the Minerals Management Service for a project with OSU oceanographer Kelly Benoit-Bird, a specialist in acoustics and marine community behavior, to study sperm whales and squids in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico. I know they’re also in collaboration with the National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association helping out retired marine engineers.

  2. […] sure to read the previous blog postings on OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute and the marine biology […]

  3. Emily Rose Nelson says:

    Tried to request info about program but not sure that it went through. I graduate in May 2011 and would like more information. Thanks-
    Emily Rose Nelson
    1022 S. Grove Ave.
    Barrington, IL 60010

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