Environmental science a ‘hot’ topic at OSU

January 11th, 2007

Oregon State scientists and professors are talking about what may lie in the near future as the Earth heats up. Also, here and here

From the enviromental sciences department website:

Environmental Sciences:
A Hands-On Interdisciplinary Approach

Air and water polution, acid rain, depletion of ozone in the stratosphere, building of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, nuclear waste, and oil spills in our seas are all pressing problems that endanger our environment. Scientists must be trained to examine and understand complex environmental issues, to predict environmental change, and to participate in responsible management of the environment. To help reach these objectives, Oregon State University’s Environmental Sciences Bachelor of Sciences degree offers an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problem solving….

Environmental sciences are central to the mission of Oregon State University – a university with extensive programs related to the environment and wide use of natural resources. Recognized as a Land, Sea, and Space Grant institution, OSU has exceptional strength in many of the disciplines that are required to provide a high-quality interdisciplinary education for future environmental scientists, and to provide continuing post-graduate education to scientists who are already active in the field. The Environmental Sciences Graduate Program builds on these institutional strengths, offering MS, Professional Science Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

Strong academic units closely related to environmental science span the university and can provide resources to students. OSU offers comprehensive instructional programs in agriculture, engineering, public health, forestry, biology and the oceanic, atmospheric and earth sciences, and social sciences. Research centers provide focal points for those faculty and students interested in interdisciplinary topics. The presence of state and federal agencies, such as the Corvallis Environmental Protection Agency Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Forest Service provide unique opportunities for developing graduate research partnerships benefitting ES graduate students.

Some of the research centers mentioned are listed below:

OSU Research Centers and Institutes

* Environmental Health Sciences Center
* Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory
* Center for Advanced Materials Research
* Center for Analysis of Environmental Change
* Center for Gene Research & Biotechnology

Click here to receive information about environmental sciences at OSU.


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