It’s snowing

January 10th, 2007

While this event may not seem like a huge deal to people from Denver, the snow has just begun to fall here in Corvallis. As a low-elevation locale, snow is a rarity.

A few years ago it snowed about 2-3 inches, and some Hawaii students who hadn’t experienced snow before were outside talking on their cel phones to family back home describing what it was like. Riding a food tray down Jefferson Street was also a favorite activity.

We’ll see if it sticks.
Happy Winter term!

Updated 11:21am pst

2 responses to “It’s snowing”

  1. James Miller says:

    A food tray?? I’ll have to remember that one!

  2. Sanny says:

    The place I live, snow is not rarity. Though, several last monthes were not like a winter-monthes, the weather is rather cold and frosty here. You have luck in this case.

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