OSU Pharmacy looking to defeat disease, not just dispense meds

January 2nd, 2007

The traditional idea of pharmacy is of a person in a white coat, standing behind a counter dispensing pills at the local drugstore. At OSU, the tradition is getting a makeover. As the only accredited PharmD program in the state of Oregon, OSU is not only training for the traditional but leading the way to a whole new vision for students and researchers interested in pharmacy.

From the 2006 President’s Report:

Preparing for the next epidemic. It’s like a game of “Survivor.� Before a microbe can infect a host, it must outwit the defense — stomach acids, killer T cells, antibodies. Too often, the invaders win. The result: diseases from the common cold to tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS and flu. Luiz Bermudez wants to know how infectious microbes pick their way through the defense. The professor of Veterinary Medicine and Microbiology and his colleagues study a group known as mycobacteria, which includes those that cause tuberculosis and leprosy. Biochemist Mark Zabriskie and colleagues in the College of Pharmacy are looking to marine and terrestrial bacteria and fungi for potential new antibiotics. The focus in Mark Zabriskie’s College of Pharmacy lab is on new compounds with anti-bacterial potential. One project investigates organisms from the Black Water Ecosystem in Indonesia as a source of new drug leads. The goal: analogs of anti-infective compounds with improved therapeutic properties.

Bermudez and Zabriskie are two of more than 20 OSU scientists who attack infectious diseases from many perspectives, with more than $14.8 million in current funding support. Drawing on OSU’s traditional strength in the life sciences, researchers collaborate across six colleges. Lab facilities specialize in techniques from mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance to veterinary diagnostics and computational modeling.

Another groundbreaker in the College of Pharmacy- Mark Leid

…Leid’s interest in science took off…But it was a post-doctoral experience in France, at the Laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire des Eucaryotes in Strasbourg, that shaped Leid’s approach to science. Leid worked with Pierre Chambon, a leader in molecular biology and a Nobel Prize nominee. In the course of a routine protein purification, Leid insisted on testing the purified material for biological activity. To his surprise, he found that a second protein was needed for the first to function. The resulting article in the journal Cell became the most widely cited paper in science that year.

Today, Leid is a professor of pharmacology in the OSU Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and an assistant dean in the College of Pharmacy. He and his OSU colleagues continue to collaborate with Chambon’s lab, focusing on the molecular machinery of leukemia and brain development. Key to their work is a genetically engineered mouse that Leid began developing. The mouse lacks a gene and the corresponding protein, which plays a crucial role in cell development. The protein, known as CTIP2, regulates other genes during development of both the immune and nervous systems. The mouse also lacks T cells, a major part of the immune system. As a result, it could be useful in studying immune-deficiency diseases such as AIDS. Since CTIP2 plays an important role in two separate processes, Leid thinks he and his collaborators might be on the trail of something fundamental in cell biology. One day, medical researchers could use his results to create a treatment for T cell leukemia and other diseases or HIV. “It could be big,� he says.

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19 responses to “OSU Pharmacy looking to defeat disease, not just dispense meds”

  1. RDoctor says:

    Though mice lacking T lymphocytes may mimic AIDS, still it is not exactly like this.

    What is about macrophages and microglia affected by HIV. How would you mimic that in the experiment?

  2. Mr. Rehab says:

    The traditional idea is that they are only selling the pills and that is among pharmacy people as well. Some of them think they are only sellers forgetting that what they had been through during college. If this is their attitude, what to expect from the others? The problem is that they go the pharmacy thinking no more of experiments and many more. They should say that immune-deficiency diseases such as AIDS are to be treated with care when other diseases are previously involved.

  3. hanadi baydoun says:

    i need to know pharmacy requirements and to know where i want to continue my pharmacie major

  4. hanadi baydoun says:

    i am a student at henriford community college ,my major is pre pharmacy .but i need to know is there a waiting list for pharmacy?

  5. Blake says:


    You can find the College of Pharmacy PharmD information at http://pharmacy.oregonstate.edu/future-students.


  6. season basanta says:

    i’m diploma in pharmacy completed student and want to study bachlor in finland orany other europian country how and where can i apply to get success.

  7. James says:


    Read more about OSU’s College of Pharmacy here:


  8. season basanta says:

    how can i get admission to study bachlor in pharmacy/nursing
    in finland.

  9. Matt says:

    Hi Season,

    If you are looking to study Pharmacy specifically in Finland, I would suggest doing a search for schools in the nation first and then going from there. Requirements vary and specific universities will have the most accurate information on their programs.

  10. dthcnine says:

    thanks for the great information…

  11. This is very good and beneficial for all

  12. Fris Arvz says:

    But.. I just wonder… Will it be available to public in cheap price? Or even it will be available to public, how they gonna dispense it? Im sure its not as easy like any other common medications available online.

  13. Drug Guy says:

    It’s great to see OSU pioneering efforts such as this.

  14. Pat Lewis says:

    Does anyone know of a good book that would include information on contracting tubercular disease and how it affects filing for social security disability?
    Just A Concerned Web Citizen
    Houston, Texas
    Corporate Trainer
    Into: Books, Movies & Guitar

  15. Great content. Looking for some nutrition materials when I stumbled across your site.

  16. Kenny W. says:

    I liked reading your blog…keep up the good work.

  17. Ray Johnston says:

    […] Pinged BlogBookmark.com > http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/blog/2007/01/02/osu-pharmacy-looking-to-defeat-disease-not-just-dispense-medshttp://dietslowcarb.com – OSU Admissions Blog » Blog Archive » OSU Pharmacy looking to defeat disease, not just dispense meds … […]

  18. Revathi says:


    My name is Revathi and I am from India. I have completed my Bachelors in Pharmacy in India. I have seen the website of your university and I am very much interested to take up Doctorate in Pharmacy (6 year couse) in your University for fall 2011. I have already taken the TOEFL exam and scored well.

    I haven’t taken the PCAT EXAM. Can you please give me information, if the PCAT exam is necessary for admission to the pharmd program. And if the WES evaluation is sufficient for admission. I am ready to take the complete 6 year course i.e., along with the pre-requisite courses. I also have 1year job experience here in a Pharmaceutical company. When can I apply for Fall 2011 and what are the chances of my acceptance? Kindly suggest me regarding this.

  19. James says:


    You can receive more information about the Doctorate in Pharmacy program by emailing: pharmacy@oregonstate.edu

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!


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