OSU Enrollment for Fall 2006

December 7th, 2006

Included here are some snippets of information concerning the enrollments of students at Oregon State University for the Fall term 2006. These were distributed by Kate Peterson, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Management and Rebecca A. Sanderson, Interim Director of Institutional Research & Director of Student Affairs Research and Evaluation:

The overall enrollment headcount increased slightly from 19,236 in Fall 2005 to 19,362 for Fall 2006. This is an overall increase of less than 1% or 126 students. OSU realized a 12% increase in part time students from 2004 to 2005. This year the increase in part time students was 4.5% or 138 students. Often, part time students are assumed to be older than average. The increase in part time student status this fall cannot be accounted for only by older than average students even though there was a slight increase in that age group for undergraduate students.

Some of the increase in part time students can be accounted for by the increase in student use of E-campus. E-campus enrollment of undergraduate students who were taking only e-campus courses (i.e., not taking any OSU campus-based classes) increased from 624 in 2005 to 701 in 2006, a 12% increase. In addition, the number of students at all levels who enrolled in only E-campus courses increased from 984 to 1080.

In terms of the entire enrollment in E-campus classes (including those who are also taking OSU campus-based classes), the number of undergraduate, graduate and first professional students taking E-campus courses grew from 2,508 in 2005 to 2,704 in 2006, an increase of about 7.8% in one year.

New to OSU Student Enrollment Information
-New Non-resident undergraduate student enrollment increased to 643 students in 2006 from 531 in 2005.
-New International undergraduate students increased by 5 students from Fall 2005.
-New Oregon resident undergraduate students increased from 3,460 in Fall 2005 to 3,509 for Fall 2006.
-New graduate students increased this year by 10.5% or 86 students from Fall 2005.
-New first professional students also increased this year by 0.8% or 1 student.

New First Year Student Enrollment Information
OSU has much to celebrate in reviewing the accomplishments reflected in the size, quality and make up of the Fall 2006 new student class. The enrollment objectives established in the 2008 Enrollment Initiative were met with few exceptions:

-Non-resident first year student enrollment was up by 78 students with international first year students seeing a 94.4% increase (from 18, Fall 2005 to 35, Fall 2006).
-Oregon resident first year students declined by 45 students from 2005.
-The average GPA increased slightly this year from 3.48 in 2005 to 3.49 in 2006.
-ACT scores increased this year with the mean ACT composite score increasing to 23.2 from 22.9 in 2005. Similar increases occurred for both the English and the math sub-tests.
-The mean SAT Composite score decreased to 1,069 from 1,077. Decreases were also seen with the average Verbal Score. The average Math SAT score remained the same as last year’s score. (Note: the SAT was changed for the 2006 testing and nationally, SAT scores declined an average of 7 points from the 2005 testing. The College Board, purveyor of the SAT, reported on their web site an explanation of these national declines. Experts attribute the decline in scores to several factors related to the new SAT as well as changes in student test-taking behavior in reaction to the new test. For further information consult the College Board web site: http://www.collegeboard.com/
-121 valedictorians enrolled as new freshmen this fall which represents 28% of all Oregon High Schools.

Overall, there was an increase in U.S. minorities from 2,727 in 2005 to 2,806 students in 2006. This continued the 6 year trend. The overall enrollment of graduate students increased about 0.8% and the number of first professional students increased 3.7% overall.


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