Oregon State has great year for med school admissions/placement

July 25th, 2006

Here’s a quote from Chere Pereira, chief pre-med advisor and chairperson of the OSU premedical committee:

We are concluding perhaps the strongest-ever year for medical school admissions at OSU. While there may still be some last minute changes due to alternate lists, I am happy to report that over 70% of our students were admitted to medical schools (compared to the national average of 45%). The list of medical schools includes acceptances to Harvard (for 2 students), OHSU (15 students), Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Johns Hopkins (2 students), Dartmouth (4 students), University of Michigan, UCLA, University of Texas Southwestern, University of Washington (3 students), Washington University, Ohio State, Michigan State, and many more. Applicants were primarily from the College of Science (80%), with the remainder from Engineering, Liberal Arts, Health and Human Sciences and Agriculture.

Several were student athletes. Applicants from groups underrepresented in medicine were very successful. Our applicants represent a broad spectrum from those who are pursuing rural medicine to those who are entering MD PhD programs.

Four of our students received full tuition scholarships for four years, which is very unusual! OSU continues to be an excellent place for students to pursue their premedical studies.

Much credit for this success goes to the members of the Premedical Committee (05-06):
Kevin Ahern, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Mike Blouin, Zoology

Mary Burke, Microbiology

Linda Bruslind, Microbiology

Shawna Harvey, Zoology

David Horne, Chemistry

Brock McLeod, Biology

Stephanie Nielsen, HHS

Margot Pearson, Microbiology

Rob Peattie, Engineering

Barbara Taylor, Zoology

Jennifer Travers, Chemistry

Jeff Walker, Chemistry

Ariella Wolf, College of Science


7 responses to “Oregon State has great year for med school admissions/placement”

  1. “Four of our students received full tuition scholarships for four years,” i wish i was one of the four This is Good of OSU

  2. Jeremy Colon says:

    OSU has always been an outstanding University to study at for premeds.

  3. Alejandra says:

    i would like 2 see more info about this like do you have special classes for dental?

  4. Matt says:

    @ Alejandra. OSU also offers a pre-dental program — check it out on the science website at http://www.science.oregonstate.edu.

  5. It’s unreal how many dentists are popping up in my small town, when I googled it showed over 80 in a town with a population of only 10k, how crazy is that?

  6. chris bonney says:

    Can you provide the admit rate to med schools for OSU graduates for more recent years (07, 08)?


  7. James says:


    The med school acceptance rate for OSU graduates has been fairly steady at the mark mentioned in the post over the last few years.


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