START Bilingüe- Year 2

June 6th, 2006

This summer, the Student Orientation and Retention office will offer its 2nd annual bilingual START program to serve the region’s growing Hispanic population.

“START bilingue,” set for July 9-10, will be offered to first-year OSU students and their parents, said Kris Winter, director of the university’s Student Orientation and Retention program.

The summer advising, registration and orientation program is designed to welcome families to the university and provide tools to assure students get a successful start in college life.

“This is a special offering paired with a general orientation session,” Winter said. “We will be holding an orientation program on campus for first-year students, and START bilingue is an extension of that program to meet the needs of some of our student population.

“Obviously, our students speak English, but START bilingue will present a number of relevant parent sessions in Spanish, as well as provide translation for keynote speakers,” Winter said.

Bilingual guided tours of campus will be offered and staff and faculty members will present information about their departments in Spanish.

“We want to make sure we are taking care of families as well as students,” Winter said.

“For many Latino families it is hard to let their children move away from home to attend a university. I believe that one of the main reasons for the hesitation is because they are left out of the loop and do not understand the process. With the Summer Start Program being in Spanish, this will alleviate some of their concerns and parents will understand the process.” said Melinda Veliz, Woodburn High School Community Schools Outreach Coordinator of the inagural program.

The parent/family portion of this program will be offered in both English and Spanish (La parte para la familia estará en inglés y español).


4 responses to “START Bilingüe- Year 2”

  1. The Bilingual START really is nonesense because If a stdent went through 18 years including High School successfully without their parents ability to speak English then what does it matter at this point in their children’s lives. Its sounds like you also need a German translator for my Gandmother when she comes over to visit too! Oh thats right the school is trying to be overly politically correct.

  2. […] A comment was posted concerning the Bilingual START program that OSU offers. […]

  3. […] START Bilingüe, a collaborative program led by OSU’s New Student Programs and Family Outreach office, was held on June 29th and 30th. Bilingüe served over eighty students and family members this year. […]

  4. Geraldine Casimiro says:

    @Gibson….I think the sarcastic nonsense comment is pointless. Unless its resentful in regards to not havinga a German translator available for campus events. Given that many Latinos/Hispanics have attended the event along with their family members it has enabled them to pursue a career more freely. START Bilingüe helps overcome the myth that Latinos aren’t college material. It also helps Latino parents understand (since college 101 is introduced to them in their own language and most of the time by individuals of their same ethnic background)and be more open to being comfortable with their child pursuing a higher education away from home.

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