Advance Tuition Deposit/Intent to Enroll- May 1 deadline

April 21st, 2006

We’ve received a comment or two regarding the May 1st decision date. I clipped the official verbiage about it and pasted it below….

“To confirm your intent to enroll at Oregon State University, you must submit the Advanced Tuition Deposit (ATD) form along with the Revolving Charge Account form you received with your letter of admission. Be sure to sign both forms and include your $200 deposit. (Fall term applicants only)

This allows us to create your student account and make plans for your arrival. When you arrive on campus prior to the start of classes, your $200 deposit can be applied to your tuition or any account balance you may have.

Remember: Payment of your ATD is required to participate in the START program, which allows you to register for Fall term. As of May 1, 2006 your deposit is non-refundable.”

If you are not planning to attend Oregon State, an email to our Admissions office ( with your name and 931 number (student id) will help us know your plans.


10 responses to “Advance Tuition Deposit/Intent to Enroll- May 1 deadline”

  1. Katie says:

    I was just wondering if there was a possibility to transfer late and when the transfer deadline was.

  2. Ashley Svenson says:

    Do I need to send in my ATD before obtaining a GAP?

  3. Kathryn Wilson says:

    What if you’re already registered for summer term. Does the ATD matter then? I was under the impression it didn’t…but it’d be good to know for sure.

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  5. Sholay says:

    When is the transfer deadline usually?

  6. Charles Ferreira says:

    Im a bit confused What is the “Intent to Enroll form”? Is it something that I have received through the mail?

  7. Blake says:


    If you have been admitted and are a domestic (U.S.) undergraduate student, you should have received notice about the ATD in your letter of admission as well as a notice on a postcard and email a week or so after the letter of admission was mailed out.

    We don’t mail the form but rather ask folks to log in to our Student Online Services and either electronically complete the form and pay the deposit OR print off the form and mail it back with a check.

    I hope this helps.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    It appears that the Intent to Enroll form is also called the Advanced Tuition Deposit form, correct?

    This is confusing for those of us who paid the ATD online, but still needed to mail in the Revolving Charge Account Agreement form, which has instructions on it to enclose the Intent to Enroll form.

    We are assuming that by paying the ATD online we have fulfilled the intent to enroll requirement and therefore do not need to send a second ATD form in the mail along with the RCAA form.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  9. Matt says:

    Elizabeth, the ATD form and the Intent to Enroll form that you mention are one in the same. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Tim says:

    Ok im freakin a little. I didnt get my ATD in by May 1st. Actually i just sent it off in the mail with an exemption form (ROTC) is this bad?

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