Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards

April 11th, 2006

For those students and parents wondering about financial aid and scholarships for fall 2006, the first round of students has been packaged and mailed. This first round includes any students who were “on time” with their FAFSA (meaning they filed by February 28th and had applied for admission to OSU). Subsequent packaging of awards and mailing of notices will be on a rolling basis until the start of school in September. For a great guide to what’s next regarding financial aid, go to:

Students can go online to accept their awards at:

Scholarship offers must be accepted and the forms returned to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office in order to ensure the money will be awaiting your arrival in September. Also, please keep in mind the national decision date of May 1. Students who have deposited to OSU and wish to cancel their admission must do so by May 1 to receive a refund of their advance tuition deposit (ATD).

One response to “Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards”

  1. christina ward says:

    please refund my advance tuition deposit. im not sure on my post secondary schooling quiet yet.

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