Athletic Training Programs: Why OSU?

April 2nd, 2006

(This posting is the second of a series of articles highlighting different programs at Oregon State.)

Oregon State University sponsors one of the oldest, most established athletic training programs in the United States. This program has been continuously accredited by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and/or the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs since 1974. The athletic training degree is based on a 4 year academic plan with 3 full years of clinical experience. Student clinical experiences include University, High School and Rehabilitation Clinic settings.

The Oregon State University Athletic Training Program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the ever-expanding allied health profession of athletic training. Through the combination of extensive didactic, laboratory and clinical experiences in sports medicine, graduates with an athletic training degree achieve the entry-level competencies necessary to take and pass the certification examination offered by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification, and embark on a career as a certified athletic trainer.

Athletic training program students will obtain experience in traditional athletic settings and/or rehabilitation settings, and will be given increasingly more clinical experience as they move through the program. While other athletic training programs may provide some clinical experience in the last two years, OSU provides students clinical experience for three years including some diversity of experience possibly working in a Division I sport (at OSU) as well as a Division II sport (at WOU) and at the high school level.
One reason for the popularity of the athletic training program at Oregon State is the access to amazing facilities that further an athletic training student’s experience and research.

The 2500-square foot Sports Medicine/Disabilities Research Laboratory and the Biomechanics Laboratory are examples of such facilities available to athletic training degree students. The Biomechanics Lab is located in close proximity to other department research laboratories (Bone Research, Human Performance, Muscle Physiology, and Sports Medicine/Disabilities Research)

One of the great success stories of an OSU graduate with an athletic training degree is about Ariko Iso, and she not only is an athletic trainer for the Super Bowl-champion Pittsburgh Steelers, but she is also the only woman trainer in the NFL! (Her story previously posted at:

Follow this link to be mailed more information about OSU and the athletic training program.

12 responses to “Athletic Training Programs: Why OSU?”

  1. Nicole says:

    Just wanted to know the steps to take to get started getting a degree in Athletic Training online.

    Thank You

  2. Blake says:

    Currently, the Athletic Training program is not offered online. Due to the amount of field work, hands-on instruction, etc., there are no plans to offer it online.

  3. rachel says:

    What kind of a degree do you need to become an athletic trainer?

  4. ashton says:

    well i am currently in a sports medican athletic program
    for the high school that i attend too. I was wondering
    because i have experence with the taping and other
    things related too the program if it would help me
    in the long run to get a job.

  5. nicole says:

    Who in the athletic training program should I contact with questions about transferring to OSU next year as a freshman with athletic training being my major?

  6. Not only should the athletes be training properly but eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as well!

  7. Neil Orbison says:

    Nice finding here… wasnt’ aware of that a blog on this topic existed, thanks admin.

  8. Gutscheine 2010 says:

    thanks, for this gr8 article. I found it through yahoo and i found it very helpful. i will look for more interesting articles at this blog. 🙂

  9. Ryan F says:

    Wow being the only woman trainer in the NFL is very high accomplishment. I bet she gets even more respect because she was good enough to break through that wall.

  10. souvenia says:

    degree to become athletic trainer if needed

  11. Matt says:

    You can find your admissions advisor by visiting:

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