OSU is an ‘elite’ university, but not ‘elitist’

March 30th, 2006

A new classification of U.S. colleges and universities recognizes Oregon State University as the state’s most productive four-year institution, giving OSU the designation reserved for universities with “very high research activity.�

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has been producing its classification of America’s more than 3,000 college and universities since 1970. While the classification system itself has undergone significant changes over the years, it is widely considered the “gold standard� and is used in several well-known school rankings nationwide.

OSU is the only Oregon institution to receive the top RU/VH designation. OSU conducted nearly $209 million in research projects in 2004-05 — more than 60 percent of the total research funding garnered by the entire Oregon University System and all its campuses.

The Carnegie website shows that 95 institutions received the RU/VH designation, including OSU. Among the others are the University of Washington, Washington State University, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA and seven other University of California campuses. Only 63 of those universities, like OSU, are public institutions.

See full press release (thanks to Todd Simmons)

But while OSU does garner accolades such as this, the campus has the reputation for being friendly, welcoming, and a beautiful place to study. You can check out our campus webcams at: http://webcam.oregonstate.edu/ (remember, it’s Spring Break….there are normally LOTS more people on campus.)

5 responses to “OSU is an ‘elite’ university, but not ‘elitist’”

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  2. Steve Rhodes says:

    the press release link doesnt work anymore, where can I still find this?

  3. Acai Berry says:

    True – you are elite, but not elitist. Great article – Go Beavers!

  4. Steven krish says:

    Good to know OSU being focused on research heavily , it the only way out for anyone to be on top irrespective of recession

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