Strategies Committee and Governance Structure

The chart below shows the overall structure for IT Governance.  The top policymaking body is the Strategy Committee.  It will superintend the work of the three advisory committees--Administrative, Instruction and Infrastructure.  These, respectively, have responsibility for administrative computer systems, instructional technology and infrastructure/research computing.  

Governance Structure

Each of the three committees will advise the Vice Provost for Information Services and the Strategy Committee.  They will consider some issues as a committee, but more frequently, they are expected to create taskforces on specific issues.  The use of these taskforces will be an opportunity for inclusion of campus experts and other groups, including students, to engage and inform topics.

The Strategy Committee will review the policy and major investment recommendations of the three advisory committees.  When it supports a recommendation, the Strategy Committee will advocate it with the Provost’s Council.  The Strategy Committee members are also expected to be the owners of the impact and outcomes of the results of IT governance as they impact colleges and other units at the University.

Strategy Committee Roster