Committee Membership Rosters



Current Rosters

As of July 6, 2012


Strategy Committee

Name Administrative/Academic Unit
Ilene Kleinsorge Business
Mark Abbott Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Cyril Clarke Veterinary Medicine
Larry Rodgers Liberal Arts
Dave King Extended Campus
Scott Reed University Outreach and Engagement
Bill Boggess Agricultural Sciences
Lois Brooks (Chair)  

Information Services


Instructional IT Committee

Name Administrative/Academic Unit
Susie Brubaker-Cole Academic Success and Engagement
Robin Pappas Center for Teaching and Learning
Cheryl Middleton Libraries
Rebekah Elliott Education
Janine Trempy Science
John Greydanus Information Services
Dave King (Chair) Extended Campus

IT Infrastructure Committee

Name Administrative/Academic Unit
Sam Vuchinich Public Health and Human Sciences
Luiz Bermudez Veterinary Medicine
Todd Shechter Engineering
Michael Rauscher Science
Kathy Howell Forestry
Malcolm Lemay Business
Chris White Housing and Dining
Jon Dolan Information Services
John Barth Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Bill Boggess (Chair) Agricultural Sciences


Administrative Committee

Name Administrative/Academic Unit
Rebecca Mathern Registrar
Aaron Howell Finance
David Blake Human Resources
Brad Dennis Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center
Mark Johnson Arts and Sciences Business Center
Richard Riggs Science
John Henry Graduate School
Brian Thorsness Procurement and Contract Services
Kent Kuo Information Services
Kate Peterson Student Affairs
Lois Brooks Information Services


Past Governance Committees

Original Membership of IT Strategies Committee

Role Name Administrative/Academic Unit
Chair Lois Brooks Information Services
Facilitator Steve Shields  
Provost's Council Members   Mark Abbott  Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
  Cyril Clarke Veterinary Medicine
  Ilene Kleinsorge Business
  Scott Reed Outreach and Engagement
Cross Cutting Team Chairs Tammy Barr Information Services
  Larry Curtis Agricultural Sciences
  Henri Jansen Sciences
  Cherri Pancake Engineering

Original Membership of Cross Cutting IT Governance Teams

  IT Service Providers IT Users
  Unit Name Unit Name
Administration Univ. Advancement David Baker College of Engineering Fran Saveriano
  Business Affairs Margaret Taylor Finance & Admin/BusCtrs Bob Nettles
  IS/Enterprise Computing Catherine Williams Human Resources Lois DeGeus/Linda Sather
  IS/Central Web Services Jos Accapadi Registrar Kent Kuo
Infrastructure College of Ag Sciences Curt Onstott College of Engineering Melora Park
  College of Business Malcolm LeMay College of Vet Med Craig Ruaux
  Housing & Dining Chris White Outreach & Engagement Dave King
  IS/Network Services Jon Dolan    
Instruction College of Forestry Kathy Howell College of Science Kevin Ahern
  IS/Media Services John Greydanus College of Liberal Arts Mark Edwards
  Library Cheryl Middleton College of Engineering Milo Koretsky
  IS/Tech Across Curriculum Jon Dorbolo Ecampus Lisa Templeton
Research College of Engineering Todd Shechter Ctr for Genome Resrch & Biocomp Jim Carrington
  College of Science Michael Rauscher College of Oceanic & Atmosp Sci Rob Holman
  IS/Tech Support Services Dave Nevin College of Forestry Janet Ohmann
      Research Office Rich Holdren (interim)