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Next Generation Learning Technology (NGLT) Taskforce

Next Generation Learning Technology (NGLT) Task Force


As Oregon State University works to maintain its status as one of the nation’s pre-eminent teaching and research universities, it is imperative that we collectively assess our methods of instructional delivery and the tools used to help faculty perform their jobs and students meet desired learning outcomes. To accomplish this, in the spring of 2012 Oregon State University (OSU) established two committees to conduct a survey of OSU faculty and administrations and examine trends at peer institutions nationwide. The committees surveyed 140 OSU faculty and administrators, examined the trends at peer institutions nationwide, met with stakeholder groups on several occasions and also held discussion sessions with students.

The committees which, consisted of 17 people from 13 campus departments, determined from their in-depth analyses that OSU would be well served to conduct an exploration of next-generation learning tools to assist the university community to meet 21st century expectations for academic engagement, communication and information retrieval. Based on the responses the committee received from faculty and students, the current technological tools – including the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard – aren’t performing up to the standards that faculty and students need for impactful teaching and learning.

In developing instructional technology recommendations and actions for OSU, it is valuable to acknowledge trends in higher education that speak to the potential and ability of technology to enhance student engagement, collaboration and academic success. The taskforce findings support the observation that technology and our understanding of learning are ahead of current academic practice, but the tools within the LMS appear to support the status quo.

Building on information gathered from the previous two committees, a new OSU committee has been charged with exploring a wide range of innovative tools that can more effectively assist faculty in the classroom social instruction they need.

 As the committee explores innovative teaching and learning tools, we recognize the potential impacts on our teaching faculty.  Because we value faculty insight and perspectives and  transparency of process, we have developed this website as the place where you can stay updated and provide input as the committee explores and identifies innovative teaching and learning technologies for consideration. Check back periodically for more details.


The goal of this task force is to research and help to develop technology recommendations for innovative tools for Oregon State University that enable faculty to accomplish what they need to in order to reach their teaching and learning goals.

Project Timeline

Phase I Formation of Task Force - narrow list of vendors from 40+ to ~5 based on published comparison reviews from other universities who have completed the process.
Phase II Invitation to selected list of vendors to have a conversation with the Task Force
Gather feedback from all interested parties
Phase III Narrow list of vendors to those who will present to campus
Gather feedback from all interested parties
Phase IV Select technologies for demonstrations, create "sandboxes" (system trials)
Gather feedback from all interested parties
Phase V Present recommendations

Project Team & Responsibilities

Dianna Fisher & Cheryl Middleton Co-Chairs of the Taskforce.

Various committees will be participating as needed

Communication with the University

All related materials will be posted in the blog and the university community is invited to both comment and to join a committee.

Previous Taskforce Reports

The Teaching & Learning Expectations Taskforce Report and the Benchmarking Taskforce Report can be downloaded in PDF format.

The Latest Information

Please visit our blog where we will post the latest information. Please leave a comment or ask a question!