Administrative IT Committee

Chair: Bob Nettles, Director, Administrative Affairs, Finance and Administration


The Administrative IT Governance Committee helps guide investments recommendations for tier 1 administrative systems.  Tier 1 refers to those administrative systems which cross organizational boundaries, are critical to the University to meet its goals, or have strategic value and should be more widely utilized.  These may include the Foundation, colleges, athletics, and others who have proprietary systems.

The Committee sets the priority for new projects and business process changes, develops guidelines on data sharing and assesses related requests for interoperability among OSU constituents.  Through these contributions, the Committee formulates and brings forward policy recommendations to the Vice Provost for Information Services and to the IT Governance Strategy Committee.  The Committee will convene task forces to help accomplish this work.

Current Priorities

  • Develop a roadmap for system deployments and investments for 2-4 years
  • Identify major areas of business efficiency opportunity
  • Review proposals and priorities of work already committed
  • Create a business continuity plan

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