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Enterprise Computing Services

Service Fees

2011-2012 Rates -- Effective 01-July-2011 through 20-June-2012

Test Scoring 16.00 per test
Optical Scanning (instructional use) 12.00
per batch and
per form
Optical Scanning (non-instructional use) 16.00
per batch and
per form
Staff Programming/Analyst Services 69.00 per hour
OPS coverage (outside of normal hours) 59.00 per hour
GQL/Banner Ad Hoc Requests 16.00 per setup
    Plus the following:
        Gummed labels .02 per label
        Reports/Listings .08 per page
        File transfers 1.00 per file
        Diskettes or CDRs 1.00 per disk or CDR
        Zip 100 Disks 10.00 per disk

Note: Services for qualifying other agencies (Local, State, Federal) are provided at 125% of regular rates. Commercial services for qualifying users are provided at 150% of regular rates.

For further information contact Kent Kuo, Director.