Program and course review and approval

Review Procedures for Category I and II Proposals

Category I proposals are major curricular changes that require a vote of the Faculty Senate, and subsequent State System approval. All Category I proposals require a preproposal. Decisions on forwarding Senate-approved Category I proposals to the State Board of Higher Education are made by the Provost. Deans should discuss possible Category I changes under consideration with the Provost before their college curriculum committees begin the process of obtaining Curriculum Council approval.

Curricular changes requiring Category I review include:

  • new major, degree or certificate programs
  • establishment of a new college, department, center, or institute
  • deletion of major, degree or certificate programs
  • change in name of any college, department, center, or institute
  • offering of existing degree programs at new off-campus locations

Category II proposals are for curricular changes that do not require State System review or approval, although summaries of all such proposals approved by each State System institution are reported to the State System on a regular basis. The Curriculum Council provides for the Senate each year a summary of all Category II requests approved by the Council. Although the Senate may disapprove any council-approved proposals, the hundreds of Category II changes made each year are generally not individually discussed by the Senate.

Curricular changes requiring Category II review include:

  • adding new courses
  • dropping courses
  • changing catalog designation or description: number, credit, level, etc.
  • adding a new minor or option
  • changing degree requirements
  • changing institution graduation requirements, including Baccalaureate Core Requirements.

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