Out-of-Cycle Tenure Review Procedure

When a department recruits a senior faculty member it is typical to expect two years of service at OSU before engaging in a tenure review. However, if tenure is expected as a condition for coming to OSU, a department may request an “out-of-cycle tenure review.”  Out-of-Cycle tenure reviews should follow a similar process as the regular OSU tenure process, with a few modifications.

  1. A dossier should be assembled that includes a record of all relevant work. The dossier does not need to follow OSU’s dossier format, but should contain the following:
    • The faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae that demonstrates a record of scholarship
    • Documentation that shows evidence of effective teaching/mentoring of students
    • Documentation that shows a record of university/professional service
  2. Independent outside letters of evaluation must be solicited. Letters submitted as part of the application process may be included as part of the letters selected by the candidate.  All faculty have the option of signing a “Waiver of Access” form for outside letters of evaluation. The signed original should be included in the dossier. A copy of the current waiver form is available at: http://oregonstate.edu/admin/aa/sites/default/files/documents/waiver_access.doc. Execution of the waiver is voluntary. If the candidate chooses not to sign the waiver of access, include a statement to that effect in the dossier.
  3. An OSU student letter of evaluation is not required.
  4. Levels of OSU administrative review should follow the usual path for the candidate’s department (these letters typically consist of reviews done by the following:  Department/Discipline P&T Committee; Department Head, College P&T Committee; Dean).
  5. The dossier and review materials should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for the university level review and recommendation to the Provost.
  6. The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs will communicate the outcome to the hiring authority once the Provost has made the final decision.
  7. If approved, an indefinite tenure letter will be issued to the faculty member by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Letters of offer to the candidate may wait until the out-of-cycle tenure review is completed, or may be issued to the candidate with conditional language.  The Business Center Human Resource managers have sample letters to this effect.