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Retention/ Degree/ Graduation Reports

Graduation Summary

The Graduation Summary provides information about OSU graduates
for a given academic year. The summary includes number of degrees,
colleges from which degrees were granted, and graduate demographics.

Movement in Primary College Study

The Movement in Primary College Study (formerly called the
Migration Study) provides 6 year graduation rate and attrition
rate information with an emphasis on comparing the college that
students entered and the one that they graduated from. This is
the "migration" that the study refers to: movement from an initial
major to a final one.

Note: since these are six year graduation rates, the latest cohort
represents the entering class from six years ago.

Retention Rate/Graduation Rate Reports

These reports provide retention and graduation rates for entering
freshmen cohorts for the university and by college. The cohorts
represent first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen who
enrolled at OSU during the fall term or the previous summer.

Degree Partnership Program

For students that participated in the Degree Partnership Program,
these reports provide a similar summary to that found in the
general Graduation Summary. Due to limited labor hours available,
these reports have not been generated in recent years.



2014-15 Graduation Summary 2014-15

2013-14 Graduation Summary 2013-14

2012-13 Graduation Summary 2012-13

2011-12 Graduation Summary 2011-12

2010-11 Graduation Summary 2010-11

2009-10 Graduation Summary 2009-10

2008-09 Graduation Summary 2008-09

2007-08 Graduation Summary 2007-08

2006-07 Graduation Summary 2006-07

2005-06 Graduation Summary 2005-06

2004-05 Graduation Summary 2004-05

2003-04 Graduation Summary 2003-04

2002-03 Graduation Summary 2002-03

2001-02 Graduation Summary 2001-02

2000-01 Graduation Summary 2000-01

1999-00 Graduation Summary 1999-00

1998-99 Graduation Summary 1998-99

1997-98 Graduation Summary 1997-98

1996-97 Graduation Summary 1996-97

1995-96 Graduation Summary 1995-96

1994-95 Graduation Summary 1994-95

1993-94 Graduation Summary 1993-94

1992-93 Graduation Summary 1992-93

1991-92 Graduation Summary 1991-92

1990-91 Graduation Summary 1990-91

1989-90 Graduation Summary 1989-90

1988-89 Graduation Summary 1988-89



Fall 2009 Cohort       Movement in Primary College Fall 2009

Fall 2008 Cohort       Movement in Primary College Fall 2008

Fall 2007 Cohort       Movement in Primary College Fall 2007

Fall 2006 Cohort       Movement in Primary College Fall 2006

Fall 2005 Cohort       Movement in Primary College Fall 2005

Fall 2004 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 2004

Fall 2003 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 2003

Fall 2002 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 2002

Fall 2001 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 2001

Fall 2000 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 2000

Fall 1999 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 1999

Fall 1998 Cohort       Migration Study Fall 1998



Each report provides tables for cohorts from Fall 2000 to Fall 2014

We are revising the format of the summary report and will post it as soon as it is available

OSU Summary Report

OSU Summary Table

OSU By Gender, Ethnicity, and Residency

OSU Within College Summary

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College of Business

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Forestry

College of Liberal Arts

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

College of Science

University Exploratory Studies Program

University Honors College

Student Athletes



2007-08         Degree Partnership Program Graduation Summary 2007-08

2006-07         Degree Partnership Program Graduation Summary 2006-07

2005-06         Degree Partnership Program Graduation Summary 2005-06

2004-05         Degree Partnership Program Graduation Summary 2004-05

2003-04         Degree Partnership Program Graduation Summary 2003-04