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Applications are reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

We will accept applications throughout the year.

Please complete this form and submit application by clicking on the "submit" button below.

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Please include detailed responses to the following items:

1. Your proposal in specific terms.

2. Describe what will be accomplished from the proposed project, including its contributions to your personal and professional development and the improvement of Oregon State University.

3. Provide a detailed budget for the proposed project. Include details on the following as they apply:

Transportation expense:

Registration fees:

Miscellaneous expenses (please specify):

Total Budget:

Total matching funds requested (amount may vary, up to $500, but should not be more than 50% of total budget):

4. How did you learn of this opportunity?
If available, please include website addresses or attach copies of brochures or announcements.

Attach Files: Here you can attach multiple files relating to your application or how you found out about the opportunity.



By clicking "submit", you are confirming that your department has agreed to provide you matching funds for this development opportunity.

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