Multiple Section Courses

Courses taught with multiple sections and instructors, only need to complete ONE webform per course. There are several ways to approach this process. Some ideas are provided below, but how done must make sense for your particular situation. We ask that the course, as a whole, is reflected upon by addressing the following questions:

Ideas for multiple section courses

Below are several ideas about how courses with multiple sections can approach the review process. Ultimately how the review process is approached is up to the lead instructor and/or instructors as a team.

IDEA 1: Have all instructors meet as a group, discuss and reflect on their assessment results, identify needed changes, and complete the form together.

IDEA 2: Have each section instructor independently complete the Category Review Word Document and then reconcile the information into a single document by meeting and discussing each personís responses. Inform all instructors of this course of changes that are needed next time the course is taught.

IDEA 3: Have each instructor independently complete the Category Review Word Document and/OR the Baccalaureate Core Course Tracking Spreadsheet and send the completed document/spreadsheet to one responsible person. That person will review and combine the results into a single document, send it back out to the group for review. Although this process could be done electronically, it is recommended that the group meet to finalize the form, discuss changes to the course or sections in the course, etc.