If I am no longer anonymous when I sign a comment, why would I want to do that?


Signing a comment allows additional information to be shared with an instructor’s supervisor. If you feel strongly about an experience you had with a course or an instructor, be it a positive or a negative experience, or you would like to “explain” a particular response to a supervisor, then you may want to sign your comment. Your evaluations are an important part of a faculty member’s promotion and tenure. If there is something particularly important related to a faculty member’s teaching or unusual course-related circumstances that should be brought to someone’s attention, then you might want to consider signing your comments. Just be sure to write your responses thoughtfully and carefully!


EXAMPLE: If this was one of the best instructors you ever had, then share it! Give specific reasons why this instructor was so effective.


EXAMPLE: If this was a very bad experience in a class, be constructive in your comments. For example, rather than saying “this was the worst instructor ever!” think of a positive attribute and a specific suggestion about how they might improve. You may also want to include why you decided to sign the comment.